Sandy Keller

Fishing the Firehole

acrylic on panel
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Sandy Keller is a Santa Fe-based artist known for her luminous paintings. Her style ranges from impressionist landscapes in oil to acrylic abstracts, and her process for creating her abstract works involves up to twenty-one paintings at a time. Keller begins the process with layers of gesso on a horizontal panel and adds watered-down acrylics, allowing them to run across the panel to see what forms. She then adds colored glazes when she wants to isolate layers and adds layers of glazes and paints until she feels it's finished. The final pieces have anywhere from thirty to fifty layers of paint or glaze and are finished with a top layer of resin. Keller's work often incorporates animals into her abstract work, and she aims to paint the essence of the animal, not the animal itself. Keller has been featured in several publications, including Western Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazine, and her works can be found in Nancy Reyner's book "Acrylic Innovation." Keller has collaborated with James Moore to create art that combines the deep vibrant colors of her abstract work with the stone and detailed bronze figures of Moore, bringing new dimensions to both artists' work. Sandy Kell...