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Rojo (original)

Mixed Media
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Siri Hollander was born in New York in 1959, but her family quickly relocated to the south of Spain where they remained for most of her childhood. Siri’s earliest memories consist of riding massive Andalusian mares across the rolling hills of Andalusia, where these magnificent beasts and the land itself became her teachers. Arguably self-taught, Siri’s unusual and wild upbringing has certainly influenced her rough and emotional sculptures. Unlike most artists, with Siri’s work perfection is never the goal. If you ask her how she knows a piece is finished she will answer simply that, “it’s a feeling.” With her acute sense of feeling, she has allowed her emotions and instincts to guide her through life, and her work. She has learned from trial and error and lets her memories and first-hand knowledge guide her through the creation of her sculptures. There was never a precise beginning to Siri Hollander’s career as an artist, it was simply a part of who she was from the beginning. She says, “When I first started it was a grand mess. I would ride around and stop by little creeks making little figures out of sticks and mud. Little by little, it got more logical, and I used more perman...