Sandy Keller

The Flame Within 2

Oil on Linen
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Sandy Keller's luminous paintings and allow the imagination to take flight.” Emily Van Cleve (Focus Magazine) Like many artists, Sandy Keller moved to Santa Fe to pursue her art career. After working as a registered nurse in San Diego for years and creating her art on the side, Keller decided to take the leap. In the year 2000, Keller, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico so she could achieve her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Keller’s dedication to her work has been the driving factor of her success in Santa Fe. Her style ranges from impressionist landscapes in oil to acrylic abstracts . The process for her abstractions is very time consuming and she can sometimes be working on up to twenty-one paintings simultaneously. Keller laughed at this and said that no one else creates art like hers because they just aren’t crazy enough! Keller begins the process with layers of gesso on a horizontal panel. She then applies watered down acrylics, letting them run across the panel to see what forms. Working her way up, she adds colored glazes when she wants to isolate layers. Keller watches and directs the paint as each layer dries, but the end result is not always what she expects. “Where...