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InArt Santa Fe Gallery is located at 219 Delgado Street, just off the better-known Canyon Road. This vibrant, well-kept Adobe structure once served as a family residence, as did all of the buildings on the street until the most recent two or three decades. The area has maintained its charm and beauty as the homes have been repurposed to become businesses, most of them galleries that contain an impressive collection of stunning artworks (and the rest are food establishments- a welcome addition to a long day of gallery-hopping!).

Owner/Founder Mike McKosky has personally selected the eclectic compilation of paintings and sculptures at InArt. All the pieces in the gallery contain something that will grab your attention, and each holds a story. To hear any of them, ask! 

InArt Santa Fe 219 Delgado Street Santa Fe, NM 87501 tel. 505.983.6537

Mike McKosky

Founder Owner

Ari Irving

Marketing Manager In Art

Stafford Squier