Jorge Marin

Orbol de alas

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Jorge Marín (México, 1963) is one of Mexico's most known figurative artists. Throughout his 30-year career, his art has been multifaceted, covering different disciplines and materials. Currently, Jorge focuses on bronze, which has become his signature material. Jorge's work focuses on reproducing the anatomical details and sensations of living matter. Jorge redefines public space, generating an intimate dialogue between art and the audience. Jorge's bronzes ventured into different sculptural dimensions, ranging from miniature to monumental. He has participated in more than 300 collective exhibitions. Individually, his work has extensive international exposure. Jorge Marín's art penetrates the daily life of humans and transforms it into unique moments. His sculptures change the urban landscape and transmit and tell personal and collective stories. An aesthetic experience where the perfection of the human body is mixed, in balance, with allegorical forms and fantastic beings. Jorge Marín is a maker of winged beings, rafts, and animals.