Oliver Polzin

A Rush of Golden Light

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Oliver was born on the southern shore of Lake Superior in Marquette Michigan. He was an artist and a naturalist from a young age, exploring Northern Michigans forests and coastlines. He studied fine art at Arizona State University, and moved to Santa Fe upon his graduation in 2009. He quickly joined the nascent art collective Meow Wolf and created irreverent nature-based immersive art installations with them until their incorporation in 2015. Oliver continued on as a Creative Director with the company until his departure in 2022 to focus on painting. He currently lives in Santa Fe and paints emotional landscapes. Artist StatementPainting is a divinatory process. I begin with a kernel that goads me, and over some faithful time I can start to see a way. As I go, beauty may surface, shimmer, or dive back under. When such delights do emerge, I try just to notice. My hope is to find those beautiful, emotional, delightful peaks and simply let them live.