Dan MacNeil


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Mac Neil is a sculptor, artist, and third-generation muralist, who has been creating art his entire life. After many years of painting murals in private homes and working as a pictorial billboard artist for one of the largest sign companies in Boston, MacNeilturned his artistic talents to sculpting. His portfolio today includes monumental sculptures and paintings that reflect a lifetime of imagination. Whether working with steel, stone, marble, or paint, MacNeil strives to transform the ordinary back into the divine from which he knows it came. Regarding creativity, Ruyard Kipling said, “Drift, wait, and obey.”   Art Shows • Giving Tree Gallery, Sandwich, MA, 1992-2017 • Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2001-2010 • Charles-Baltivik Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 1998-2000 • Gallery Szent-Györgyi, Falmouth, MA, 1999 • Courtland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 1996-1997 • Lansdowne Street Playhouse, Boston, MA, 1996 • LifeSkills Healing Arts Center, Hanover, MA, 1994 • James Wolf Gallery, Cotuit, MA, 1993-1994 • The Harbor Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, 1993 • Swansborough Galleries, Ltd, Wellfleet, MA, 1993 • Musical sculpture performance, The Colonna...