Luis Carlos

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LUIS CARLOS, THE SCULPTOR, THE ARTIST, THE HUMAN BEING was born in 1952, Luis Carlos enjoyed a wonderful childhood and adolescence in the bosom of a well-to-do family dedicated to agriculture having as a perspective that when the time was right, he would completely oversee the family properties. As his formative years began to emerge, nevertheless, he discovered his innate ability to sculpt tridimensional forms. This came as such a shocking, impressive and decisive experience that he liquidated his budding businesses and moved together with his wife and two small daughters to Mexico City to study at the National School of Arts, a distinguished institution where, at its finest moments, the best artists in Mexico had studied. Although he studied patiently until he graduated with honors in Visual Arts he did not learn the trade of sculptor in school but rather in the studios in which he molded his works and later on, in order to survive, sold on the street. During the 13 years he lived in Mexico, Luis Carlos immersed himself in the rich cultural life of that country, always convulsed by the finest and prestigious international shows and concerts, visiting art galleries and museums,...