Graham Hobart


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Regaining what has been lost? Having grown up in British Colonial Africa Graham Hobart witnessed first-hand animal populations disappearing as their pristine habitat shrank to smaller and smaller areas in the name of human progress. Harnessing the unique qualities of infrared photography Hobart has created images reminiscent of old Victorian lithographs by artists like Thomas Baines (Africa) and Thomas Moran (the American West) during the late nineteenth century.  Hobart's images evoke a haunting nostalgia for this bygone era and will transport you back in time to when animals roamed freely while challenging all of us to allow the overly stressed wild areas space to heal as we learn to reestablish our coexistence with the natural world. Hobart believes that you can never fully experience Life without first getting close to Nature and then learning to tread lightly where you walk and listen carefully to all the plants and creatures around you.  "Each of us must acknowledge that we must share this beautiful world with all its inhabitants or lose it."                                                                                                                                     ...