Roberta Boffo

Compositions Series Ink on Paper

Ink on Paper
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Roberta Boffo (b. 1986) is an intuitive Italian artist based in the small town of Motta di Livenza, in Treviso, Italy. Her medium of choice is ink on paper and acrylic on canvas; her practice includes various techniques interlaced into highly detailed, subtly mind-boggling, monochromatic artworks that are a window into her horror vacui and her obsessive love for simplicity, challenge and the space between pain and pleasure. She has been an avid creator from an early age when she was designing for her parents’ fashion business, in Oderzo, in the Veneto region. In her teenage years, she moved to undertake studies in Chinese and Asian languages and cultures at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, which brought her to Beijing, China, in 2008. In Beijing, she studied business and marketing at Capital Normal University and spent a few years in the education field before moving to Hong Kong in 2015. In Hong Kong Roberta established her art studio and gallery where she worked full time as a professional artist. After her first solo show in June, 2018 in Hong Kong being a success, Roberta has participated and shown her work in several exhibitions and shows, including the Asia Contemporary A...