Jorge Marin

Conejo y Luna I

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With more than 30 years of career, Jorge Marín (México, 1963) is one of the most known figurative artists in Mexico. Throughout his career, his artistic work has been multifaceted, which has allowed him to cover different disciplines and work with several materials; nevertheless, his creative research led him to bronze and, since then, this metal became his distinctive sign. Thanks to its process, this material enables the artist to reproduce the perfection of anatomical details and the sensation of living matter. Therefore, with his bronzes, he has ventured into different sculptural dimensions, ranging from miniature to monumental sculpture, formats that he has exhibited in Mexico and abroad, redefining public space, generating an unprecedented dialogue between art and audience. His works attest the movement of millions of Mexicans and have incorporated art into everyday life. For example, El Vigilante, a colossal sculpture at the entrance of Ecatepec or Plaza de Alas, located between the hills of La Marquesa Park. He has participated in more than 300 collective exhibitions and individually, his work has been exhibited in museums in European countries such as France, Spain, Por...