Cathy Carey

Cottonwoods Along the River

Oil on Linen
SKU CC-50-22



I am a Contemporary Expressive Colorist who believes that the use of color creates emotional meaning and visual depth in a painting. Inspired by Matisse, I aim to paint what it feels like rather than what it looks like. My special talent is creative problem-solving, and my creativity is sparked when I face obstacles that I need to overcome. I am fascinated by the natural world, especially animals and landscapes, and I aim to show them in an integrated space with a joyful sense of reality. My focus is to capture a joyful sense of reality by representing the color and drama of a place through gesture and brush stroke, color, and composition. I am interested in the way our behavior affects each other through interaction and observation. I am constantly learning and researching new subjects, especially through travel, visiting museums, galleries, and reading art history books. I often find new inspiration through my garden or by doing blind contour drawings. I use my expert skills in using the computer to scan my drawings and create my compositions. My sense of composition came from observing Monet's paintings. I pair opposites to create a pulse within the space, and I energize the ...