Pamela DeWitt

Golden Path

Reverse Painted on Shattered Glass
SKU PD-02-23



After many years as a professional interior designer, Pamela DeWitt gave her lifelong interest in watercolors full attention. Since then, art has been her passion and her focus. Pamela starts a work of art by shattering specialty glass, only to fuse it back together to create a beautifully broken surface for her paintings. She has crafted an exclusive art form not practiced anywhere else, catching the attention of art collectors worldwide.  Pamela delicately layers watercolors and gold or silver leaf, all while working in reverse as she paints on the back of the glass. She continues coating the cut glass with dozens of subtle color variations, creating a rare luminosity in the finished painting. Each one-of-a-kind finished product is a distinctive arrangement of three-dimensional, radiant color. The beautifully broken and patiently mended glass provides depth and color variations not experienced with the typical canvas. When the glass mingles with changing light, it subtly transforms, interacting with the viewer just as it was intended to when it was artfully created at the hands of the artist.