John Henley

Seeking Tao

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Creation is something from nothing, or something from a collection of raw materials that simply, "becomes." Simply put, I love creating. I find inspiration in found objects, technology, and nature. Whether working in contemporary abstract sculpture, furniture, or purposeful decor, I constantly search for inspiration to incorporate into my work, often trying to make a direct reference to the inspiration in the finished work. My sculpture often includes the use of linear planes to create depth and three dimensional space. Throughout my artistic journey, I have found reoccurring themes that continue to evolve in my work. Interdimensionality, abstraction of nature, and reflections on myth and faith. It is very important that all my creations reuse and reclaim raw materials where possible, which I feel is part of the creative challenge of my work, incorporating current and past technology into the creation. BIO: John was born in rural Indiana, and was raised by depression era Parents who valued simplicity and function, something he tries to continue to value today. As a young man, John traveled the world spending the most time in Asia and the Pacific. John greatly attributes his outl...