Loren Haynes

Shack Over Madrid

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Loren’s use of intuition guides the creation of his imagery. He uses his intuition and experience in each medium he is working in to feed his sense of style and narrative. In Photography, he lets his eye discover the image. Often moving around his subject, he is constantly observing all angles and aspects of his subject without preconceived ideas dictating his direction. His experience in theatre and film as an actor leads to a poetic conversation between photographer and his subjects. this approach to shoots invites the viewer to see and bring out the true essence of his subjects. His training in visual storytelling and study of the classic imagery has led him down a path of continuous discovery. The result is photographic beauty, with a narrative that only the viewer can interpret. A Memory of Time (2016 ) along with his Pinon Band, Loren recorded and released a 25 song album, recorded in Santa Fe NM. He also documented the  recording process  to be included in a documentary film to accompany the record and follow the current process of building a brand in the music business today, from the artists point of view.  The filming process had to be stopped because of  the serious i...