Cathy Carey

Shelter in Place

Oil on Linen
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  I am best described as a Contemporary Expressive Colorist, whose favorite part about painting is using color to create emotional meaning and visual depth. In choosing what to paint or how to paint it, I want my pictures to be more than the reality of description, and I strive to fill viewers with a sense of joy. Inspired by Matisse, my goal is to paint what it feels like, not what it looks like. I love to listen to all different kinds of music as I paint - it helps me to show how the movement and interaction of colors and shapes feels like the rhythm and pulse of music and dancers. An interesting question I am often asked is, “where do your ideas come from?” To that I respond, from everything around me and the world I live in. I paint the things I see and feel everyday - even when it looks made up, it is based in reality. I try to find a story within a scene that is engaging. I look for wonderful possibilities of color and for ways to use exciting shapes and textures. My special talent is that I am a problem solver, and I sure know how to create lot of problems artistically! My creativity is sparked when I am uncomfortable with something and have to figure out how to fix ...