David Perez Escudero

Still Life Revival

Acrylic on Canvas
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David Perez Escudero received his first oil painting set at the age of 12. He still has the paint set, the empty tubes and worn brushes as a reminder of where his love of painting began. He is inspired by the dramatic New Mexico landscape. David was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, which is located in the high plateau of the Northeastern Great Plains near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. He intimately knows the Velarde apple orchards, the chamisa growing around Santa Fe, and he hikes the mountains and mesas of the area as he has done since his youth. While studying art, mathematics and science at New Mexico Highlands University David was influenced by his art teacher Elmer Schooley. He also studied art at the University of Madrid and spent long hours at the El Prado Museum where he enjoyed the art of Velasquez, Goya and Rembrandt. Other major influences on his art are Manet, Monet, Bonnard and Cezanne. In his own words he says “I am trying to capture the vital energy that exists in nature by using my micro-palette technique. This process creates many layers of paint which leave little fractures on the surface which bring out the colors from previous layers of paint. The texture cre...